Offering a range of LGBTQIA centered diversity, equity, and inclusion training courses

Pfund’s offerings support the education and development of your staff, board, and constituents to increase their LGBTQIA, racial and socio-economic awareness and competency.

Our Expertise

Put Pfund’s 30+ years of experience to work in your organization.  Our skilled trainers understand the unique needs of organizations as well as the intersectionality of race, class, ethnicity, gender, orientation and identity.

PFund Foundation has developed a cadre of educational offerings that meet the needs of your organization. We work directly with you to provide the best course for development.

Strategic Approach

Starting Where You Are

Organizations and businesses participating in our trainings initiate their process at various stages from beginning to revisiting a successful program. Whatever the current state of your organization, PFund Foundation staff and trainers can assist you to develop solutions unique to your organization to help elevate you to the next level.

While examining your past and current organizational practices, we join you as a partner to ensure diversity and equity are imbedded in your strategic goals and help map tangible strategies that enhance your organization.

Course Offerings

Full Range of Services

• Supporting Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Employees/Clients
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Gender Equity
• Conscious/Unconscious Bias
• Being an Ally in the Workplace
• Cross-Cultural Diversity and Communication
• Generational Diversity
• Creating an Inclusive Culture

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Ask us about customizing a training solution for your organization.  Interested in taking the IDI?  We have IDI certified trainers.

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