Join us for our Returning to Campus Panel

August 31, 2020 • 6:00PM CST

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Pfund Foundation presents a dialogue to discuss the challenges of returning to campus in the time of COVID-19. We will begin the discussion with scripted questions around saftey-plans, what campus will be like during this new normal and more. The last portion of the discussion will be opened to the audience for questions.

Dr. George Hoagland

MCAD Associate Professor PhD, University of Minnesota

With a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Minnesota, Hoagland works in media studies; queer, trans, and intersex black, indigenous, and people of color (QTIBIPOC) studies; critical theories of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability; transnational and anti-colonial studies; science, technology, and society (STS) studies; performance studies; and pedagogy.

dr. Saby Labor (she/her & they/them)

director of University of Minnesota – Twin Cities’ LGBTQ center, the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life (the GSC).

Saby is the first in their family to earn a college degree and never imagined that they would stay in college for so long! Saby has now worked in education for 14 years. When Saby isn’t directing the GSC, they are nerding out on podcasting, self-publishing books, singing loudly while working from home, and spending time with their many “niblings” and their wife, Alejandra. Saby uses she/her and they/them gender pronouns.

Dr. Abel Knochel

Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Minnesota Duluth.

They teach organizational and community change courses and courses in anti-oppressive practice to undergraduate and graduate students. Abel conducts community-based research with transgender and nonbinary older
adults. They served two terms on the PFund Board of Directors and currently serve on the Board of Directors of the American Society on Aging’s LGBT Aging Issues Network. Abel dreams of helping to organize a fierce, multigenerational trans/nonbinary/queer community that cares for its own like the best kind of family and always welcomes one more.

Erin Keyes

Assistant Dean of Students, University of Minnesota Law School.

Prior to joining U of M, Erin was a staff attorney at Central Minnesota Legal Services, where she was a staunch advocate for low income consumers.  A dedicated advocate for equity, Erin is passionate about her role in shaping the minds of future legal leaders.

t. aaron hans

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, University of Minnesota

t. aaron hans leads the campus-wide Sexualities and Gender Diversity Programs focused on creating a dynamic campus community that supports sexual and gender diversity and promotes healthy and safe relationships. In this role, t. aaron is responsible for the oversight and assessment of campus-wide wide programming and initiatives related to sexualities and gender diversity; creating opportunities for campus-wide learning and growth, and for supporting and empowering LGBTQIA and allied students, faculty and staff. t. aaron works closely with other student affairs offices, and university offices across campus.

A. Charlene Leach (Host)

Executive Director, Pfund Foundation

A. Charlene Leach is the Executive Director of Pfund Foundation and an experienced non profit management professional who specializes in sustainability and development strategy as well as sustainability consulting for nonprofits.

With proven success in leadership roles, donor relations, and facilitating teamwork, Charlene is adept at building internal and external relationships to further organizational and strategic goals. She is passionate about the non-profit sector and committed to causes that better the human condition.

Joelle Allen (Moderator)
Chief Inclusion Officer, Interaction Traction, Inc.

Joelle Allen runs Interaction Traction, Inc., an equity and inclusion strategy firm that helps organizations expand and engage audiences across all identities be it race, culture, gender and non-binary, differently abled and neuro diversity.  Allen helps client partners gain traction internally by training, developing and maintaining a diverse workforce and externally for positively managing communications and marketing channels with audiences in ways that are innovative, relevant and culturally inclusive.

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