Trina C. Olson, Executive Director

Trina stepped into her role at PFund Foundation in December of 2014. With over a decade spent working on progressive ballot measure and legislative campaigns, Trina brings a wealth of fundraising, messaging and management expertise.

A seasoned strategist, leader, activist and organizer, prior to PFund Trina served as both Deputy Executive Director and Interim Executive Director for Immigration Equality. There Trina was part of lobbying efforts with the White House, ICE and Congress as well as charged with supporting the team of attorneys providing free legal services to low-income LGBTQ asylum seekers, detainees and binational couples. Trina’s organizing career includes advocating for trans-inclusive non-discrimination, marriage equality, adoption policy and health care access at The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Equality California, Family Equality Council and Washington Citizen Action.

Trina is particularly interested in the ways that local, regional, national and international progressive movement strategies can intersect. Trina lives in Minneapolis and loves to spend her free time making art, engaging in amateur home renovation, listening to podcasts, being outside and visiting with family and friends.