Tom’s Tips: How You’ve Planned

Tom’s Tips: How You’ve Planned

I’ve lived in the Twin Cities metro for almost two years now. It’s hard to believe that next month will mark two years I’ve served as the Development Manager at PFund Foundation. I still remember the whirlwind month where I moved, found a place to live, a roommate, celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday and mourned my uncle’s death and left Des Moines, Iowa.

Good news: I love it here! So much so that I bought a house two weeks ago! It’s a charming 1904 home in the Powderhorn neighborhood. I’m still cleaning and unpacking and thinking about all the traditions and memories I’ll get to make. It’s all a little overwhelming.

The simple things I just haven’t thought of, like leaving my compost on the back stoop only to catch squirrels eating it. Oops! I have to get a lawn mower, I have to fix the garage and replace the carpet. There’s so much time, care and energy that goes into home ownership, but I’m ready!

I live on my own, so I decided I need my bedroom on the first floor because I don’t want to die falling down the stairs in the middle of the night to use the restroom. That’s a little morbid, right? But I’m 30. I have aging parents and have these thoughts often. My dad always jokes about making his house ready for when he’s old.

Am I over reacting? Maybe, but now you’re thinking about how you’ve planned for your family, friends and community. Or have you?

I’m here to help you think critically about ways to give. A great way to do that is through gifts of property. And the best time to make or start a plan is right after you’ve had a change in assets. Once I get all settled, I’m going to put a will together; because a plan will really help my family be prepared and yours should, too.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want there to be unanswered questions about my wishes. As a queer person, my community is already fragile—I would not want to fracture it. I want to leave the people and communities I love better off than when I entered.

So here’s to making a plan that works for me, the people I love and my community!

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