Tom’s Tips: The Importance of ‘Pluralist’ Giving

Tom’s Tips: The Importance of ‘Pluralist’ Giving

If you read my “last tip”, you’ll know that I’m a new homeowner, and since buying my first house a lot of things have changed. Moving from my apartment to my house I’m in a new City Council ward; I now walk to work; and I have a home that is entirely my responsibility. Naturally, how I give has changed, too.

At PFund Foundation we often encourage our donors to think about giving to us and the causes they also care about because giving isn’t an either/or paradigm. I imagine we all care deeply about many different issues – I believe our pluralist tendency towards giving is one part of what creates community.

Pluralist giving allows us to fully actualize our capacity and responsibility as citizens. I give my time, money, skills and network to issues facing me locally, regionally, nationally and across the world.

For example:

  • I give to PFund Foundation to invest in LGBTQIA leaders and groups in our region
  • I regularly volunteer at a local bookstore as one way to ensure that our community has access to progressive literature
  • and I sing with an LGBTQI choir to surround myself every week with music, positivity and the feeling of collective power that we create together through song

I prioritize all of these things because my my deep-seated value that we are not free until ALL of us are free.  With the constant barrage of threats, executive orders and legislation targeting people and communities I care about and am a part of, I have intentionally prioritized investing my time and money to support a variety of local work and actions. This way I can be responsive to needs in addition to my typical giving patterns.

And I have seen time and time again, when we all give what we can, we can accelerate change and make our communities stronger and more resilient. I invite you to take a look at your current giving strategy and volunteer commitments – what might you want to be doing differently given the urgency of this movement moment? If you’d ever like to talk through your plan, please reach out, I’d be happy to help: