Together for All: Announcing the BEtter OUTcomes Initiative

Together for All: Announcing the BEtter OUTcomes Initiative

Friends & Colleagues,

It’s time!

In case you missed PFund Foundation’s Moxie Awards event this morning, we are excited to share a brand-new effort with you. We launched the BEtter OUTcomes Initiative at the Moxies, designed to ensure that all Minnesotans have a level playing field when it comes to access to opportunity, including LGBTQ community members.

The BEtter OUTcomes Initiative seeks to accomplish two key goals:

  • Ensure adequate, sustained support across Minnesota’s philanthropic sector for LGBTQ-focused efforts and organizations
  • Engage in skillful, sensitive grantmaking in support of LGBTQ-focused efforts and organizations

We’ve learned that, of all the regions in the United States, the upper Midwest is last in philanthropic giving for LGBTQ-focused efforts. In Minnesota, over half of philanthropic resources dedicated to LGBTQ-focused efforts leave the state. That means programs, services, and organizations that serve our LGBTQ community members are in a constant struggle to keep their doors open and the lights on.

Furthermore, our LGBTQ neighbors still face profound, systemic barriers, such as personal safety, mental and physical health challenges, unemployment, access to education and housing, and poverty–all resulting from pervasive discrimination. That’s what the BEtter OUTcomes Initiative is designed to address.

That’s why we have compiled, published, and are launching the digital version a new report, “Fairness in Philanthropy: Leveling the Playing Field for Our LGBTQ Neighbors, A Resource Guide for Funders in Minnesota,” that is available online by clicking on the image below!

To learn how to get involved, go to the BEtter OUTcomes new website. You’ll find ways to:

  • Join other funders in a Learning Community of Practice
  • Increase your foundation’s giving to LGBTQ-focused efforts
  • Fulfill the “Appropriate Standards for LGBTQ-Inclusive Philanthropy”
  • Learn more about the opportunities for support of and challenges faced by LGBTQ organizations and efforts
  • Contact PFund Foundation staff to learn more about how to contribute and get involved

Many of Minnesota’s leading foundations–big and small; family, community, private, and corporate–are joining forces to ensure we have a level playing field for all Minnesotans, including our LGBTQ community members. Won’t you join us?