Reflection & Gratitude

Reflection & Gratitude

Friends of PFund Foundation,

Today, we thank Trina C. Olson for her years of service to our LGBTQ and philanthropic communities as Executive Director of PFund Foundation. She has been responsible for so many wonderful and exciting changes in how we approach philanthropy and we know we could not have been as responsive to the communities’ needs as we have been without her leadership.

Beyond the quantifiable accomplishments, Trina leaves an institutional legacy in the LGBTQ community of fuller inclusion for the marginalized, actionable goals and a commitment to curiosity and change in effective ways. Her professional reputation has been well-established as a critical thinker, change agent and will continue to serve our communities as she goes forward in her future endeavors.


Reflections & Gratitude

I am so proud of where PFund Foundation is and where we are going. Together, for the past 30 years, generations of leaders have connected to PFund with one core thing in common: we are committed to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people living and loving in the upper Midwest.

Working at the intersections of progressive movements for the past 15 years, I am reflecting today on the awareness that I stand on the shoulders of giants – activists, advocates and everyday leaders who have courageously modeled what living out and proud can look like. When we feel the freedom to be who we are, and to be seen and valued for our whole selves, the impact we can have on the lives of others is boundless! Thank you to everyone who has grabbed the baton and run your leg of the race – hard. I was able to push, strive and drive PFund Foundation forward these past three years because of the grounding in our values, vision and mission that happened well before I ever stepped foot through our doors.

In 2018, being part of the LGBTQ+ and allied communities can feel like an incredibly dissonant experience – we have vibrant community and cyber bullying; we have better policies butstruggle to have those policies enforced through practice; and we stillwrestle for love, acceptance and understanding from the communities and individuals we care about most.

This is all to say, we have come a LONG way, and this work, this push towards liberation, is work that spans whole lifetimes, across multiple generations. Today, as I mark my exit from PFund Foundation in my official capacity as Executive Director, I am so grateful to have been part of the PFund Foundation family. I have the utmost confidence in our smart and strategic staff and community leaders to take PFund to the next level.

Through the BEtter OUTcomes Initiative, PFund Foundation has stepped into a major leadership role, working to define and implement the “Appropriate Standard for LGBTQ-Inclusive Philanthropy.” Keep your eyes out in the coming weeks and months for all sorts of ways to connect to this powerful initiative – designed to level the playing field for our LGBTQ neighbors.

Community foundations are grounded in the value of generosity – we give, of our time and money, because we are called to. I, of course, will continue to be a monthly, major donor to PFund Foundation. There is simply no other organization committed to doing what PFund is: leveling the playing field for LGBTQ people in our region by advocating for the financial resources they need to succeed. I invite you to join me today in making a meaningful investment in the lives of our LGBTQ+ community, our family, and chosen family.

Thank you so much,

Trina C. Olson

Executive Director