Supporting LGBTQ Communities to Thrive in All 5 States

In late 2013, PFund Foundation initiated a field scan of the upper Midwest (IA, MN, ND, SD, and WI, called QReach. Its purpose was to enrich understanding about the ecology of LGBTQ communities in our region. Through QReach, we supported 16 partner organizations with funding and technical assistance to assess their own communities and shared their learning back to PFund, as well as connecting with and learning from each other. PFund wanted to learn about the strides and challenges organizations faced around infrastructure, networks, and social justice. This is a compacted summation of our findings:

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Voices from the Region

  • LGBTQ youth of color and their families face tremendous economic, educational, health and legal disparities and there is a need for large and rapid systemic change in our communities. We need to engage in intersectionality in our work. How can we build queer movements that are big enough to hold us all?
    Proud Theater community member, Monoma, WI
  • I believe that the work of social justice is about healing, hearts, minds and souls to embrace our community as an asset that will allow us to fully thrive.
    Together for Youth community member, Duluth, MN