Kye Allums

Marjorie D. Grevious & Lisa R. Robinson Leadership Award

Atheists for Human Rights Award

Kye Allums is an LGBTQ advocate, athlete, artist, healer, coach, and queer fluid trans person of color. Currently Kye is a Pathway Manager & Operations Specialist for Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center & Saint Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT). Kye Allums is the first openly black transgender athlete in sports history, and the first openly transgender athlete in NCAA history. Kye envisions his path in life leading him towards law school to pursue a career fighting for gender justice around the globe. 

Andy Anderson

James T. Lerold Memorial Award

As a New Media Studies undergrad at Augsburg College, Andy Anderson realizes the potential of digital media to unite and divide the forces of both today and yesteryear. She is a nationally-distinguished activist known for her intersectional action focusing on diverse youth in educational settings.

As a precursor to a career in digital communication that will create lasting positive change for organizations on the front lines of innovation and inclusion, she hopes to pursue a Masters in Divinity to address the unique spiritual needs of LGBTQ youth, adults, and elders via powerful digital tools. 

Ryan Berg

James T. Lerold Memorial Award

Ryan Berg is a writer, activist and program manager for the ConneQT Host Home Program of Avenues for Homeless Youth. His debut book, “No House to Call My Home: Love, Family and Other Transgressions,” won the 2016 Minnesota Book Award for General Nonfiction, the 2016 NCCD Media for a Just Society Award and was listed as a Top 10 LGBTQ Book of 2016 by the American Library Association. For his LGBTQ youth work, he’s received the True Community Award and Lavender Community Award. His next book is about LGBTQ youth suicide and he plans to get an MSW, focusing on queering youth development practices.

Paul Butler

Barry Lau & Jon Uecker Theology & Faith Leadership Award

Paul Butler is an accounting major at the University of North Dakota. He has always had a passion for helping the community, which started officially when he was President of Student United Way. Throughout college he has showcased leadership as the President of his Residence Hall, a member of the executive board for his fraternity, and through a campaign for Student Body Vice President. In 2016 he started an LGBTQ advocacy program that is entitled I Am Here and used funds from his title of Homecoming King to advance the mission.

Breezy Cephus

Gilligan-Pospisil Award

Breezy Cephus has been actively involved in the LGBTQ communities in Chicago and the Twin Cities. In Chicago she volunteered for the SAGE program (serving LGBTQ senior citizens), was a member of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and received an award from the Center on Halsted for leadership and activism in 2013, and she helped organize a LGBTQ homeless youth summit. In the Twin Cities, she has continued her advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ homeless and foster youth at Avenues for Homeless Youth and was a presenter at the 2016 Consolidated Youth Winter Institute.

Ash Farah

Linde-Ostrander Building Bridges Award

Ash Farah is no stranger to LGBT right activism, he has fought passionately for trans rights, racial equality, inter-religious cultural exchange and educational accessibility through his Gay-Straight Alliance, Black Lives Matter, and various community service involvement for years. Oppression is a hydra with many intersecting heads and Ash has had to wrestle with the Herculean task of being a transmale Somali refugee while navigating the foster care system. Ash is pursuing a career in the medicine, specifically in surgery. One day he hopes to open a trans health clinic of his very own. Run for and by transgender people.

Kirsten Farmer

Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow Memorial Award

Kirsten Farmer is a full-time student at Century College and will graduate with her Associate of Arts in May of 2017. Kirsten plans on transferring to Augsburg College in the fall of 2017 to obtain her degree in social work. She hopes to also receive her Master’s in Social Work once she has completed her undergraduate degree. Kirsten is extremely active in her community. She is a member of the Social Change Club on campus, a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, tutors both a sociology and math course, and speaks publicly about topics ranging from two spirits, white privilege, and the ACE study.

Jack Enza

Kerstin & Win Wyman Memorial Award

Jack Enza is currently aspiring comic artist attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Dedicating to representing LGBTQ characters in genres outside of the usual coming out narrative, such as fantasy and adventure, Enza uses a blend of comedy and series themes to captivate her audience and tell a story. Her goal is to normalize LGBTQ+ characters in comics.

Robert Gillum

Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow Memorial Award

Robert Gillum has committed several years of his life to educating, motivating, and encouraging African American gay men. He has spent several years creating workshops, support groups, and events targeting the community as it relates to sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, mental illness, and suicide. Robert has created social events (dance parties, house parties, and World AIDS Day celebrations) to address the disparities within “Gay Black Men.” Roberts’ goal is to create safe spaces in Minneapolis for the community to authentically express themselves.

KiloMarie Granda

Manahan-Bohan Rural Lesbian Award

KiloMarie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Counseling. She received her master’s degree in Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization in prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation. She is currently finishing her last semester of Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Counseling Licensure studies. KiloMarie is extremely active in the field of social justice, particularly within the field of violence prevention and advocacy in marginalized communities. She hopes to use her LADC licensure to work with LGBTQIA+ communities that have experienced trauma and are at risk for addiction.

Ariel Gutierrez

Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow Memorial Award

Lutheran Student Award

Ariel is a student at Augsburg college who is passionate about training others in creating diverse and inclusive environments. Ariel is majoring in Management because he enjoys working with people and finds this to be a good opportunity to spread his knowledge. Ariel was the volunteer assistant manager for the 2016 Twin Cities Pride festival, and is continuing in that role in 2017 where his goal will be to bring more people of color to volunteer. Ariel’s future goals are to create trainings and environments that support diverse leadership opportunities for the Twin-Cities LGBTQ community.

Mads Horrigan

James T. Lerold Memorial Award

Mads Horrigan is double majoring in Mathematics and Secondary Education. They wish to be a high school math teacher so that they can be a LGBTQIA2S+ role model in the STEM field for students. In their first year of high school they, along with others, started their high schools Gay-Straight Alliance against a lot of backlash. Now, they go to the University of Minnesota-Morris, where they are a Community Advisor, the equivalent of a Residential Advisor, and a part of Morris Queer Students Initiative for Equality (MoQSIE) as a Peer Mentor and Counselor.

Charlie Johnson

James T. Lerold Memorial Award

Charlie is a graduate student pursuing further education in Nonprofit Leadership. He is involved in Trans+, a social and support group for trans+ individuals in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. In his community, Charlie actively helps other transgender individuals with healthcare access, legal name and gender changes, and social/emotional support. Charlie is passionate about intergenerational LGBTQ storytelling, advancing transgender health care, and working with queer people of faith. His most recent research project explored identity formation of transgender Muslims living in the United States.

Sagan CS Lara

Meuwissen-Werb Leadership Award

Sagan CS Lara is a disabled Intersex activist who is fighting to end the culture of shame, secrecy, non-consensual cosmetic surgeries that cause permanent damage over something that is a natural human variation. Through grassroots activism with many organizations (e.g. MinneOrchids - a future Minnesota nonprofit organization with the goals of supporting Intersex Adults, children, and families to find connection, care, support. and promote social justice that seeks intactivism for intersex people and legal recognition for intersex and Non-Binary individuals) he seeks to build a supportive legacy for Intersex Minnesota citizen.

Karen Mackey

Lyle Rossman Memorial Fund

Karen has a long history of working for social change, especially within the LGBTQ, Native and disability communities. Karen is a co-founder of Siouxland Pride Alliance, a grassroots organization, addressing the needs of LGBTQ people in the tri-state Siouxland area (northwest Iowa, northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota). Karen will be attending the 2017 Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly and the 2018 Creating Change Conference to enhance her skills so she can improve Siouxland Pride Alliance’s work regarding intersectional issues.