Our Grantmaking

Investing in LGBTQ Leadership Builds Thriving Communities

PFund Foundation's grants and scholarships galvanizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied organizations, groups, and individuals in the upper Midwest to change attitudes, systems and break down barriers at the intersection of our identities –sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, class and ability – to create healthy thriving LGBTQ communities.

2016 PFund Foundation Individual Leaders

The Power of Community Review

As a community foundation committed to a transparent and accountable process, we rely on community-driven decision making. PFund grants are determined by an all-volunteer committee. This diverse committee consists of both PFund board members and community volunteers, reflecting the broad range of the LGBTQ and allied communities that PFund supports.

PFund Foundation is now accepting nominations for its 2015-16 scholarship review committee and social change fund grants review committee. If you know someone who can help us ensure that scholarship and social change fund dollars are leveraged to their maximum impact, please nominate them here.

Thank You Review Committee!

Kay Adam, JP Arcani, Angel Benes, Jason Bucklin, Karla Buzick, Nathalie Crowley, Michael Grewe, Ruth Harper, Eric Highers, Abel Knochel, Owen Marciano, Justin Martin, Awale Osman, Zachary Packineau, Jen Parshley, Katrina Plotz, Tricia Poyer, Conor Wright, Coya White Hat-Artichoker, and Kayva Yang